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2020 Australasian AID Conference - Panel 5b: Australian aid and foreign policy

Episode Summary

Diplomacy, aid, development and foreign policy intersect in this panel event that explores the role of diplomatic engagement in reducing violent conflict, a feminist approach to foreign policy, food aid and the expansion of Australia's foreign aid program, and the challenges associated with balanced public reporting on aid program performance.

Episode Notes

In this panel event at the 2020 Australasian AID conference, John Langmore makes the case for stronger government and civil society commitment to conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Joanna Pradela argues that Australia should adopt a feminist approach to foreign policy, one that is grounded in gender equality. Pierre van der Eng analyses the rapid expansion of Australia’s foreign aid to Indonesia during the 1960s and 1970s in the context of Australia’s evolving foreign policy towards Asia. And Dave Green and Kaisha Crupi report on their analysis of Aid Program Performance Reports, including their purpose, how well they deliver on their purposes, the challenges associated with balanced public reporting on program performance, and the tension between public diplomacy and performance management objectives.


Security through sustainable peace (at 2:50 in)
Professor John Langmore AM, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne, and Dr Tania Miletic, Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Government, University of Melbourne 

Feminist foreign policy: A new approach for a new era (at 15:38 in) 
Joanna Pradela, Director, Knowledge Translation, International Women's Development Agency (IWDA), and Alice Ridge, Research Policy and Advocacy Adviser, IWDA 
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‘Send them a shipload of rice’: Food aid and Australia-Indonesia bilateral relations, 1960s–70s (at 29:35 in)
Dr Pierre van der Eng, Associate Professor, Research School of Management, The Australian National University
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Where’s the dirty laundry? DFAT APPRs and the public diplomacy imperative (at 44:24 in)
Dave Green, Principal Consultant, Clear Horizon and Kaisha Crupi, Consultant, Clear Horizon
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Professor Caitlin Byrne, Director of the Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University